The shoot for the new Berghaus Spring/Summer Collection was not just about capturing the latest gear, but also about telling a compelling story that would resonate with the audience and inspire them to get out and explore the great outdoors. With the goal of appealing to the UK hiking scene, I carefully planned and prepared for an intense two-day shoot in the Lake District.

Working as the photographer and model, I utilised tripods and remote triggers from the very first morning spent exploring the Northern Fells. We immersed ourselves in the stunning landscapes and captured images whilst enjoying the rugged beauty of the mountains. We brewed up some coffee in the wilderness, which as well as tasting great, added a touch of realism and relatability to the story.

In the afternoon, we headed to one of England’s most famous mountains, Helvellyn, to set up camp and capture the joy of camping in the wild. The adjustable itinerary allowed us to adapt to the changing weather conditions, ensuring that we made the most of the forecast – which is always a good idea when you’re out in The Lakes! The following morning a beautiful sunrise awoke us and made for one of the most memorable shoots I’ve had.

The result was a series of captivating images that told a compelling story of adventure, exploration, and connection with nature. I worked to convey the brand’s message of embracing the outdoor lifestyle and encouraged the audience to venture into the great outdoors and create their own stories of adventure.

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