Freelance Outdoor and Adventure Photographer based in the Scottish Highlands.

I’ve always had a passion for telling stories. There are enough embarrassing home movies to prove it, and looking back, I can see it myself. As a kid, I was always dreaming up stories, going on adventures, and blabbing to anyone who’d listen – the introversion of adulthood not arriving until much later. I believe it was in my early teens when I first picked up a camera (the family point-and-shoot Panasonic, in silver), and right from the start, something just felt right. I realise now that I’d found the way that I wanted to share my experience of the world, and ever since, photography has been a huge part of shaping how I lead my life.

Most other childhood memories are of time spent outdoors: building dens in the nearby fields, going on hiking trips to the Lake District or Snowdonia, and building bike jumps in the woods. It was on these early trips that I got my first taste of the mountains, camping in the wild and the reminiscent joy of type-two fun. The remote, wild landscapes particularly resonated with me, and I still feel the same untamed excitement at the potential hidden adventures behind a landscape’s beauty; each valley filled with wonders waiting to be experienced. I first started photography to capture the local skateboarding and BMX scene, but pretty soon, it was the frequent trips to the mountains that were captivating my daydreams.

A lot of time has passed since then, but a few things remain constant: a love of the outdoors, photography, and telling stories. They’ve guided me into my current life as a freelance photographer, living out of my self-converted campervan in the Highlands. Feeling constantly humbled and motivated by my ever-changing surroundings, I thrive in this nomadic and flexible lifestyle. It’s led me to witness some pretty incredible scenes, travel to miraculous locations, and meet a lot of inspiring people. I’ve worked on some incredible projects that have taken me to the extremes of the planet, and found a lifestyle that I’m grateful enables me to spend a significant portion of my work, play, and leisure time immersed in the beauty of the outdoors.

Photographer / Filmmaker / Social Media Influencer

My specialism lies in creating emotive, resonating imagery, usually in an outdoor and natural setting, but over the years I’ve brought my skillset to a wide range of different photographic genres and styles. I take a very active approach to most photoshoots, allowing my creativity to fuel my actions as I look to capture the true essence of the scene, evoking honest and authentic emotions in content that shines beyond the sum of their parts. Drawing from my past life as a Graphic and Web Designer, I have a deep understanding of brand identity, advertising, web, and print design. This extra insight allows me to approach briefs with an informed perspctive, considering the application and use of the content in a real world scenario. 

I am happiest when working in the outdoors and spend most of my free time hiking, camping and climbing – wind, rain, sun, snow, and stars. I pride myself on being comfortable with the uncomfortable, and am perfectly accustomed to operating on little sleep, in harsh weather conditions with achy legs. This stoicism paired with a confidence in my abilities helps me to capture high-quality content in any scenario, and my ability to react and adjust to the ever changing landscape helps me to painting professionalism and control over any shoot.

I am always seeking the next adventure and enjoy building new relationships. So, if you have a project that needs capturing or a story that needs telling, I would love to hear from you. Get in touch, and let’s explore how we can work together.

Selected Clients

Aberlour Whisky, Adobe, Arc’teryx, Aston Martin, Audi, Berghaus, BMW, Bowmore Whisky, Columbia, Fjällräven, Garmin, Hasselblad, Hoka, Intersport, Jack Wolfskin, Lululemon, Mammut, Mazda, Merrell, Monster Energy, National Geographic, The North Face, Olympus, OPPO, Patagonia, PolarPro, Seiko, Sealskinz, Shackleton Whisky, Sony Alpha, Tenzing Energy, Thrudark, Trespass, Visit Britain, Visit Ireland, Visit Jersey, Visit The USA, Volvic.

When posed with the question of who my dream client would be, I often find myself at a loss for words. It’s never been about attracting a specific brand or company – the ideal project for me would involve creative freedom to capture a suitable outdoor product as part of an adventurous expedition or trip.
The wilder the better.