Just as the ski season was coming to an end, I had the opportunity to work on a content creation project for Intersport Ski Rental. Despite it being late in the season, we were fortunate to get a sudden dump of unexpected snow, setting the stage for an exciting few days of skiing on the snowy slopes.

With the freshly snow-covered mountains as our backdrop, I teamed up with Sarah Rodgers to create compelling photographic content. The challenge was to capture the most photogenic and dramatic areas of the ski zone, pushing ourselves to explore new angles and perspectives.

The first day was spent getting comfortable and familiarising ourselves with the resort’s slopes. We scouted for the best locations, identifying the areas that would make for captivating visuals. We had to consider not only the technical aspects of capturing the shots but also the artistic and storytelling elements that would bring the content to life.

Once we had a clear plan in place, we spent the next couple of days shooting, taking turns to capture each other in action as we leapfrogged our way down the mountain. It was an exhilarating experience, pushing ourselves both on and off the camera to create dynamic and compelling visuals.

The snowy landscape provided a stunning backdrop for the content, with the whites adding an element of freshness and excitement to the imagery. We embraced the challenge of shooting in a scenario that was not typical for us, and it was a rewarding experience to push our creative boundaries and capture unique shots.

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