Great Auk Outfitters

Great Auk Outfitters

Embarking on a journey with Sarah Rodgers to capture content for Great Auk Outfitters, a new ethically sourced, animal-free parka, we hit the road for a proper Icelandic adventure. Travelling from the Reykjanes Peninsula along the South Coast, we battled the elements whilst shooting at some of our favourite locations.

As photographers, we both relished the opportunity to not only capture content but also plan the logistics and locations of the trip. It allowed us to combine our photography skills with our passion for exploring and travel. Iceland’s unpredictable and wild weather added an element of excitement to the journey as we made our way along the coast, encountering iconic landmarks and exploring lesser-known backdrops.

One of the things I love about Iceland is the incredible diversity in its landscapes. From majestic glaciers to roaring waterfalls, volcanic black sand beaches to moss-covered lava fields, the possibilities are almost endless. Each location offered unique colours, conditions, and landscapes to immerse ourselves in and capture a stunning collection of images.

Despite the challenges posed by Iceland’s ever-changing weather, we embraced the elements and used them to our advantage, creating images that reflected the raw and untamed beauty of the Icelandic landscapes. The parka was a perfect fit for the rugged and wild environments of Iceland, and we were thrilled to capture it in action against the stunning natural backdrops.

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