Issey Miyake

Issey Miyake

When tasked with shooting a promotional campaign for the new fragrance, Fusion D’Issey, I sought inspiration from the natural world to create a visual narrative that truly captured the essence of the scent. The goal was to convey the product’s connection with the outdoors and its raw, elemental qualities.

After careful consideration, I chose a minimal beach on the Isle of Skye, covered with dark-colored rocks and black sand as the location for the shoot. This allowed me to maintain a sense of minimalism in the visuals while showcasing the textures of the elements.

To create a dynamic and energetic feel, I incorporated movement into the images. Whether it was capturing the crashing waves, the splashing water, or the movement of the model, I aimed to convey the sense of vitality and energy that the fragrance embodies.

Water played a central role in the campaign. I captured a range of shots, both above and under the water, to help show the link between the product and the natural world. The interplay between the fragrance and the water also helped convey the product’s refreshing and invigorating qualities.

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