Monster Energy

Monster Energy

As part of a social media campaign promoting Monster Energy’s latest range of canned coffee drinks, I had the opportunity to work with them on creating content with the message ‘Start Strong’ and the focus on embracing the morning with help from Espresso Monster. After careful planning and scouting, I selected the North Ridge ascent of Cùl Beag as the location for the shoot, with the stunning backdrop of Stac Pollaidh in the distance.

Using Google Earth and FATMAP to find the perfect shot, I collaborated with Sarah Rodgers to capture the story of our ascent. Armed with radios and cameras, we made our way up the ridge, documenting the journey and the breathtaking scenery along the way. After splitting up, we communicated via our radios whilst ascending adjacent mountains, all in the pursuit of the planned perfect shot of the bold silhouette of the ridge and the majestic outline of Stac Pollaidh in the background.

After lining everything else up perfect and nailing the shots from over a kilometre away, we regrouped in the middle to capture additional product and detail shots. The combination of the rugged landscape, the sense of adventure, and the energising effect of Espresso Monster created a compelling visual narrative for our social media campaign.

The unique location and the striking visuals highlighted the adventurous spirit of the campaign, encouraging viewers to embrace the morning and start their day on a powerful note.

Working with Monster Energy on this social media campaign was an exciting opportunity to create compelling content that resonates with the target audience. The breathtaking scenery of Cùl Beag and the sense of adventure in capturing the perfect shot added an extra layer of excitement to the project.

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