BMW i3

BMW i3

After familiarising myself with the i3, I embarked on my first photoshoot around the local autumnal wooded lanes of Leicester. Shooting solo with a tripod was challenging, but I was pleased with the process and outcomes. The quiet and emission-free driving experience of the electric vehicle allowed me to fully immerse myself in the serene surroundings and capture stunning shots of the changing foliage.

As someone with a long-standing interest in electric vehicles and their environmental benefits, I was excited to have the opportunity to experience electric vehicle ownership firsthand. BMW loaned me an i3 for a couple of months as part of a promotional campaign, allowing me to explore what it’s really like to own and drive an electric vehicle. I was asked to document my experiences through a series of photoshoot road trips, capturing the beauty of nature and the thrill of driving an electric vehicle.

For the next two road trips, I enlisted the help of an assistant who helped with driving, allowing for more dynamic shots and fast-paced days of photography. I ventured into The Peak District, where I found more scenic autumnal roads and the incredibly photogenic Mam Nick road in the Hope Valley. The i3’s electric powertrain and agile handling made driving through the winding roads a joy, and I was able to capture breathtaking shots of the landscape.

Finally, I headed to The Lake District, known for its impressive mountain passes and dramatic scenery. The i3’s electric range and quick acceleration enabled me to tackle the challenging terrain with ease, and I was able to photograph the stunning vistas and rugged landscapes as a backdrop for my shots. The combination of the electric vehicle’s performance and the natural beauty of the surroundings made for a truly memorable experience.

Through this promotional campaign with BMW, I gained a firsthand understanding of electric vehicle ownership and the benefits of zero driving emissions. As a photographer, I was able to capture the essence of the electric vehicle driving experience through my lens, showcasing the beauty of nature and the thrill of driving an electric vehicle. It was an eye-opening journey that deepened my appreciation for electric vehicles and their role in promoting sustainable transportation.

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