Bowmore x Aston Martin

Bowmore x Aston Martin

Masters’ Selection is a collaborative creation between Bowmore Single Malt Scotch Whisky and Aston Martin. It’s is a celebration of shared values, created by masters of their craft who put their skill, passion and expertise into creating a scotch whisky that is perfectly balanced in every way. 

I was given a fairly open and flexible brief – the only real criteria being that it needs to showcase my expertise, skill and passion for photography when shooting the Masters’ Selection single malt whisky. I wanted to emulate the warm, rich and full-bodied tasting notes of the whisky with a fire on the beach, which allowed for a creative and experimental play with light, creating movement, excitement and vivid tones. 

Setting up a fire on a Northumberland beach, just as the sun was setting was a great way to warm up the creativity and get ready for the busy blue hour shoot. As the sun set, I lit the kindling and with help from Sarah Rodgers we got to work shooting the several concepts and ideas we’d had before, as well as adapting and experimenting along the way. 

I found this shoot a lot of fun, and really satisfying to plan, shoot and edit. I really tried to consider all approaches to the scene, from the clothing worn, to the sleek fire grate, and the use of an external light to help paint the scene in a warm glow and set the colour palette.

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