Bowmore x Aston Martin

Bowmore x Aston Martin

The Masters’ Selection shoot was a unique and exciting opportunity to capture the essence of Bowmore Single Malt Scotch Whisky in a visual form. With a flexible brief, I aimed to showcase my expertise, skill, and passion for photography in every shot.

To bring the warm, rich, and full-bodied tasting notes of the whisky to life, I decided to set up a fire on a beach in Northumberland, just as the sun was setting. This allowed me to play with light, creating movement, excitement, and vivid tones in my photographs. I collaborated with Sarah Rodgers, who helped me with the shoot and brought fresh ideas to the table.

As the sun set, we lit the kindling and got to work capturing the various concepts and ideas we had planned, as well as adapting and experimenting along the way. I paid careful attention to all aspects of the scene, including the clothing worn, the sleek fire grate, and the use of battery powered external lighting to paint the scene in a warm glow and set the perfect colour palette.

I thoroughly enjoyed planning, shooting, and editing this shoot, as it allowed me to be creative, experimental, and expressive in capturing the unique character of the Masters’ Selection whisky. It was a fun and satisfying experience that allowed me to showcase my expertise and passion for photography.

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