Let’s run together

The concept

I’m always on the lookout for the next challenge, and over the past few months I’ve felt the call to take on some more difficult running challenges.

Wanting to push myself into the unknown, I’ve signed myself up for the Glencoe Marathon 2022 – 26.2 miles of challenging trail running, that follows an ancient route through the mountains from the foot of Ben Nevis to iconic Glencoe.


Between now and race day there’s a lot of training to do. I already run reasonably regularly, but with a half-marathon being my previous top-distance, this is quite a step up; especially when considering the terrain. I’ve worked myself out a training plan designed to build stamina and muscular endurance – but with a few International trips on the cards, my training schedule might get extra interesting from time to time.


The first stage of my training looks to build endurance and elongate my current fitness and training. Adding on 5-10% extra distance a week to my runs, and engaging in some tempo driven runs to fine tune pacing and endurance.


With a trip to the Portuguese island of Madeira at the end of the month, training is about to get hot and sweaty. The volcanic island is littered with mountains, valleys and hills, which will make for some great training opportunities.


Continuing to add distance onto each weekly total, to help build stamina and familiarise myself with exerting myself over a longer period of time.


Whilst I will be leading a photography workshop through the wild landscapes of one of Central Asia’s hidden gems, I will also look to get some miles in where possible. There is a few down days from the workshop where I will look to push some long distance and keep up the numbers.

Late August

Returning to the UK with a few weeks left, this will become final pacing and training. Lots of runs at a comfortable pace to get the miles in without risking injury, as well as tapering off the distance as race day approaches.

Race Day

Starting in Fort William and following the route of the West Highland Way back down Glen Nevis, over the Mamores into Kinlochleven, before climbing up and over the Devil’s Staircase for the final descent into Glencoe; 42 kilometres and almost 2000 meters of altitude, it’s going to be a tough one. I’m stepping into the unknown here, but looking forward to the challenge and the reward.


Instagram Campaigns

I think the project lends itself well to a social media campaign, which would help to show progress and development all the way through the training stage to the event itself. I propose a mixture of story and post content, with one post announcing the collaboration, two-three stories posted throughout the training process and then a final post focussed on the event itself (to be posted a day or two afterwards). Content would be shared on @jack_anstey with an audience of around 170,000 followers.

Additional Opportunities

In addition to social media content, there is of course the opportunity to make something extra out of the partnership. This could take the form of blog posts / writing about the experience, a short film documenting the process or even a commercial shoot generating lots of content for your use. The sky really is the limit in terms of the content we could create, so I welcome all discussions and ideas we could discuss.

Visual Portfolio, Posts & Image Gallery for WordPress

Your commitment


Suitable fitness watch for event (Fenix/Epix)

Social Media Campaign

2x Instagram Post and 3x intermittent Instagram Stories
Total – £3500

Social usage made available to brand
(option to discuss variable deliverables)

Additional usage

Further opportunities to be discussed

The Future

The outdoors is a fundamental part of my life, and I always look for ongoing relationships that I can carry with me into the future. I expect to catch the trail/ultra bug and do more races and events in the future, but in addition to this I also welcome all opportunities for collaborations.

A little about me

I’m an outdoor and adventure photographer based in the United Kingdom, living and working out of my self-converted campervan (usually in the Scottish Highlands).

Over the past few years I’ve worked with some of the industry leading brands in outdoor clothing, tourism and automotive – shooting projects for a range of different uses and mediums. My work has taken me from the crisp arctic of Finland to the warm islands of the Galapagos; and from the heights of the Himalayas to the deserts of Jordan, and I can’t wait to see where it will take me next.