The Garmin Instinct Solar campaign was an exciting project that required capturing campaign content from the top of a mountain at sunrise, to highlight the solar lenses that harvest energy from the sun and extend battery life. The goal was to reinforce the message of being able to do what you love longer with the Solar series.

The campaign kicked off during the tail end of summer, and I chose Ben A’an, a personal favourite for sunrise, as the location for the first shoot. I set out early to capture the blue hour vibes on the way up, and was rewarded with a stunning morning at the summit, with low clouds below adding to the dramatic atmosphere. The rising sun provided the perfect light to capture the solar lenses of the Instinct, and reinforce the essence of the campaign’s message.

Following the success of the first shoot, I was asked to extend the contract and continue the campaign into autumn. I repeated the previous shoots’ plan, heading out dark and early to capture the magical light and the first snow of the season from Beinn a’Chrulaiste. The changing season provided a different mood and atmosphere, allowing me to capture diverse and compelling visuals that further reinforced the campaign’s message.

Shooting from the top of a mountain at sunrise is always a thrilling experience, and it really helped to make this shoot so enjoyable, creative and successful.

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