Thrudark, founded by former UK Special Forces, has quickly risen to become one of the major players in the outdoor scene. They are known for producing high-quality gear that is rigorously tested and developed during operations around the world. Recently, I joined my friend and fellow creative Niklas Söderlund on a five-day video shoot for ‘The Brave’. My goal was to capture a range of photographs that would support and reinforce the key moments of the film.

We kicked off the shoot with an incredible day high above Glen Coe on Aonach Eagach, despite being dealt with a wide array of challenging weather conditions – the only constant was heavy wind. Aonach Eagach, one of the UK’s most exposed and dramatic ridges, always provides great scenarios for content, and this day was no different. The weather only worsened over the next few days of shooting, but fortunately, both Scotland and Thrudark gear thrive in the most brutal of weather conditions. We had an incredibly productive, albeit damp, shoot in the Quiraing on The Isle of Skye.

For our final day, we headed up into the mountains from Glenbrittle, into the clouds that often crown Skye’s Black Cuillin. Despite the challenging conditions, we managed to set up and capture an abseil from the summit of Sgurr Alasdair. It was a thrilling and unforgettable experience, and the resulting photographs captured the raw beauty and ruggedness of the landscape, showcasing both the durability of Thrudark gear and the stunning scenery of Scotland’s wilderness.

Overall, the shoot was a testament to the high-quality gear provided by Thrudark, which performed exceptionally well in the extreme conditions we encountered during our outdoor adventure. It was an honor to be part of such an exciting project and to capture the essence of the adventure through my photography.

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