Mantra – Japan

Mantra – Japan

I had the opportunity to work again with Mantra, a golfing performance and lifestyle brand, on their latest collection inspired by the captivating Japanese landscape. Our goal was to capture the essence of Japan’s beauty and showcase the quality and versatility of Mantra’s new polo shirts in various scenarios.

Our Japanese adventure began in Tokyo, where we met the team and headed straight to the Hokokuji Bamboo Forest. The atmospheric bamboo provided a stunning backdrop for our first shoot.

Next, we visited Narusawa Golf Course, and shot a picturesque 9 holes backed with beautiful trees. Even under cloudy skies, we successfully captured the blend of nature and golf.

As daylight moved to the horizon, we made our way to the iconic Chureito Pagoda. The blue hour shots were pure magic, reflecting tranquility and elegance.

Our journey continued the following morning at Hakone Shrine, capturing the torii gate before heading up the many stairs to the temple. We then made our way to Kawaguchi, where Mount Fuji emerged from the low-hanging clouds during our lakeside shoot.

Gatsby Golf Course was a golfer and photographer’s paradise with its immaculate greens and Mount Fuji in the background. We had a closed course for this shoot, and took full advantage driving around in golf carts to get to the most photogenic spots.

The following morning In Kyoto, we explored the quiet district of Sannenzaka before the morning’s tourist traffic, and then headed back to our hotel for a great interior shoot. We went out again in search of koi, and found them in Eikandō Temple’s carp-filled ponds amongst ancient Japanese architecture. That afternoon we explored the streets of Gion, finding the perfect angles before sunset and waiting for lanterns to light up.

Our final destination was Fushimi Inari Shrine, and despite the busy Saturday crowds we were able to find small pockets of quiet to capture shots in their magical location.

This project, just like the previous in Iceland, was incredibly satisfying and enjoyable. Pairing clothing with the beauty of nature in this traveling photo shoot format is a process I really enjoy, making the shoot an absolute pleasure to be a part of.

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