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Tasked with capturing content for Hoka’s latest release I was on The Isle of Skye packing for an exciting shoot in some classic Hebredean mood. The conditions weren’t to play a huge factor in the images, so as long as the rain held off the steep hike that lay ahead of us would be worth […]

BMW i3

After familiarising myself with the i3, I embarked on my first photoshoot around the local autumnal wooded lanes of Leicester. Shooting solo with a tripod was challenging, but I was pleased with the process and outcomes. The quiet and emission-free driving experience of the electric vehicle allowed me to fully immerse myself in the serene […]

Monster Energy

As part of a social media campaign promoting Monster Energy’s latest range of canned coffee drinks, I had the opportunity to work with them on creating content with the message ‘Start Strong’ and the focus on embracing the morning with help from Espresso Monster. After careful planning and scouting, I selected the North Ridge ascent […]

Issey Miyake

When tasked with shooting a promotional campaign for the new fragrance, Fusion D’Issey, I sought inspiration from the natural world to create a visual narrative that truly captured the essence of the scent. The goal was to convey the product’s connection with the outdoors and its raw, elemental qualities. After careful consideration, I chose a […]


Just as the ski season was coming to an end, I had the opportunity to work on a content creation project for Intersport Ski Rental. Despite it being late in the season, we were fortunate to get a sudden dump of unexpected snow, setting the stage for an exciting few days of skiing on the […]

Great Auk Outfitters

Embarking on a journey with Sarah Rodgers to capture content for Great Auk Outfitters, a new ethically sourced, animal-free parka, we hit the road for a proper Icelandic adventure. Travelling from the Reykjanes Peninsula along the South Coast, we battled the elements whilst shooting at some of our favourite locations. As photographers, we both relished […]


During the Spring/Summer content shoot for Berghaus, we faced a wild range of conditions, encompassing everything that outdoor exploration in the British Summertime entails. Along with the brand and two other content creation teams, we set up our basecamp at Inchree, just outside of Fort William, for a few days of thrilling adventures and abundant […]


The Arc’teryx Alpine Academy in Chamonix, France is a three-day event that brings together professional guides and athletes to share their skills in various alpine disciplines in real-world situations. To kickstart the adventure, I headed out to the Alps a few days early with my friend and fellow photographer, Eilir Davies-Hughes, to acclimatise to the […]


The shoot for the new Berghaus Spring/Summer Collection was not just about capturing the latest gear, but also about telling a compelling story that would resonate with the audience and inspire them to get out and explore the great outdoors. With the goal of appealing to the UK hiking scene, I planned and prepared for […]